Install Terrarium TV on Android TV Box - Updated Guide 2018

If you are in love with TV shows and movies and used to watch it through online, you must have heard about the app called Terrarium TV. Terrarium TV is available on many devices like Android, iOS, Windows PC/Laptop, or other devices.

Terrarium TV for Android Box is the best way to watch online videos and movies and your most favorite shows. Terrarium TV app has the good reviews among the people and they are providing free services to the people to watch movies online.


Here is how you are going to manage the procedure for installing Terrarium TV to your Android TV Box. There are hundreds of

Android boxes that Terrarium TV can be installed, the procedure we are going to explain here will helps to work in all the Android boxes irrespective of their types.

Before starting the download process, user just needs to “Sign In” with their Google account for processing because it is needed to install the particular video player on Android box later.

Download Terrarium TV for Android Box

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources on Your Android Box.

Go to the Home screen of your device and

Search for the Settings tab and open it

Search for Security and Restrictions option in setting category

If you can’t find it on the screen, search for the ‘More Settings’ in the ‘Preference’ category and open it

In that, to enable unknown source, go to the ‘Personal’ category and open the ‘Security’ option.

Step 2: Download The APK of Terrarium TV on Android Box

Search for default web browser, if you don’t have it then install it from Google chrome browser

If you have a default web browser, you will find it on the main screen itself or the ‘Apps’ tab present on the main screen.

To select option on display, use remote as a TV controller with pointer button on your remote.

After pressing pointer button, you can use arrow keys to move the arrow

For now, open browser using arrow key

In the search bar on top of the Google page, just type the official page for terrarium tv i.e.

Press enter and you will be directed to the official website of Terrarium

Scroll the site and select the apk link with pointer button

Go the download link and do long press on OK button to find the menu with different option.

From there, choose and click on the open option

Once downloading starts, you will get the notification in the window indicating the process

Now to install the App, go to the ‘Apps’ category on the home screen.

Open it and search the file manager and open it

Then fetch the apk file and install the app

Now, the Terrarium TV app asks for the permissions to access your device’s location and click allow option

Then accept the terms and conditions for the services from the app

Step 3: Install MX Player & Force Android TV Mode

Go to the settings on Terrarium TV apk

And choose the player you wish but we recommend MX player

So this is the complete process involved in installing Terrarium TV on Android Box. Hope this guide helps you to download and if you still have any doubts please share it with us.

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Is Terrarium TV Legal & Safe to Use?

Terrarium Tv App

Terrarium is the android app which can use for streaming movies and TV series it shows the streaming of shows and movies free of cost. Terrarium is currently available for the android devices and also installed on the other devices like pc and laptop by using special. The terrarium can consider legal and illegal according to the user's usage.
It gives you to access movies and TV Shows in 1080P for free. It also allows you to watch, stream and download any movies or TV Shows. The downloaded content can be viewed offline. Terrarium tv offers access to a larger number of choices from the choices given.


The installation of terrarium for android devices
• Go to Google apps store.
• Select the search and type terrarium TV app
• And select it to get the app page select download.
• After installation runs it for using the terrarium app on Android devices.

With the chromecast for smart tv.

• The chromecast can be access the content to show it on TV.
• The chromecast is been invented by the google which is used as an online TV channel uses the Internet to show the Channel on TV by using the subscription to the channel.

For chromecast use you want a broadcast app like allcast or some app to get from the Smartphone to broadcast.
• Open terrarium TV app and select an online movie that we want to watch.
• While playing video we can select the option play. Open with through the terrarium TV on chromecast.
• In new window play through which devices where you can select AllCast app and then tap it
• When the search the devices which show the chromecast device we should select them to play them.
• Finally, our terrarium connects with the TV enjoy.

Terrarium is safe and legal

Terrarium TV app released an official statement of the app is legal because they added them to the streaming app that is not illegal as torrenting. The terrarium site says its legal but, according to copyrights act. The court says streaming and publishing content without getting permission from the official person is illegal so we can say it is illegal now.
How to survive from this illegality

• Use of VPN (Virtual Private Network).
o Download VPN from the apps and use it when we use the terrarium.
• See them in the official app.

VPN means Virtual Private Network consists of the virtual network which having gives another IP Address which makes the viewer appear from another country from which they truly present. The VPN is very good for most of the places for the anonymous access and bypasses the restriction made by the network provider or the country.
Even though terrarium said to be legal please use it wisely and carefully for not getting into any problem and for the future betterment of your life. The Terrarium is an app like a shadow box and some other broadcasting app which can be used them wisely to get what you wanted without any problem.